Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Happy New Year!


Can I still say that? Well, I just did lol.

So 2015 is upon us and with a new year comes resolutions. I actually stopped believing in resolutions a few years ago. I think that if you want to change anything or be better in anything you should do it any time in the year. So um, I kinda have about 10 things I'd like to do or do better this year. But I figured if there's any one thing I want to do with my hair this year it's this: Have fun with it. I think I'm off to a good start...

Last year, my focus was very obviously my wedding hair and I spent the entire year in a mix of different protective styles to grow it out so I could have more options when it came time to style it for the big day. NB: wedding pics coming very soon!

A recap:

After I got engaged in 2013, I decided that I needed to be a bit more disciplined in my protective hair styling for two reasons;

1. To help maintain length to (widen my options) especially after having a second chop in late 2013. Mission accomplished! My hair is now past my shoulders when fully straightened :D
2.  To relieve myself of precious time so I wouldn't need to worry about styling my hair everyday. My protective styling routine was a huge time saver and allowed me to dedicate my time on planning the wedding.

I did a total of four protective styles last year, all lasting 6 - 9 weeks with about a 2 - 3 week break in between the styles. I didn't notice much breakage from installing or uninstalling the styles. My favourite one? Definitely the braids. I'm so glad I did them, they were so practical and fun. I've had my hair out from December 10th so it's been over a month. I've been off the radar but have been keeping in touch with my Instagram followers. And #todaysfro is very much my favourite series of all my platforms. So I felt it fair to share what Fro and I have been up to.

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Again, wedding pics coming very soon. Watch this space ;)



  1. Hey there and happy new year to you too!! I have been stalking your blog hoping for a new post and today i said to myself don’t check the blog cause you checked last night but here i am and happy to see you back in action again :-)

    Can’t wait to read about your wedding it sounds (in all the hints) like you had a wonderful wedding which is excellent!! Hope to hear more from you via your blog, you are such a witty writer it’s almost therapeutic to read for whatever reason i find reading you blog makes me feel like we are friend.

    Well enjoy 2015.

    P.S. I agree with you about the resolution thing. Change happens when you action what needs to be changed at the time you start changing whatever it is you changing.

    1. LOL your comment made me laugh! Have I been that absent :s And thank you for the writing compliment, I'm just being myself so I'm glad you like :D

  2. Hey! Happy 2015 Aisha . So looking forward to the fun styles. Been using yo blog for my hair since 2013, my hair is longer and style-able now so am excited.

    1. Thanks Nenyasha, looking forward to sharing with you!

  3. Congratulations on ur wedding!! Compliments of the new season!! Happy 2015!! More hair, more afro...#let_it_fro


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