Thursday, 4 July 2013

Today's Look

How I rocked my hair today:

Just wanted to share!


  1. I wore this style all last week. Instead of 1 updo per day for 30 days, I'm trying 1 updo per week (less hair manipulation) 30 weeks.
    This week I'm wearing Updo #10. Thanks again for the help. [Karen J]

  2. I heart.

  3. Aisha!!!!!!!

    i just hope u know that you are not a human being but an Angel sent from heaven. mncwaaaaaa i love you for inspiring me to be myself, to be black and not blwhite,

  4. Hi guys I don't know if you guys can help me but I have recently decided to turn my relaxed hair into natural hair without cutting it as I want dreadlocks but with the length of my relaxed hair.But,obviously I have to transition meaning a change in hair products what can I use to mositurise natural hair and keep it healthy,a product that can be found in south africa.PLEASE HELP!!

  5. Please help...I'm 15 I decided to change my relaxed hair into natural hair but without cutting it because I want dreadlocks but with the length of my relaxed hair.So since I'm going to stop relaxing my hair which hair products are great for natural hair in SA...PLEASE HELP

  6. I like how you styled your hair.



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