Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rock Your High Bun!

You've voted, you've watched and now it's your turn to share your version of my High Bun style. I know many of you have already done it, so please be sure to share your selfies with me. It makes me happy :) Want a chance to be featured on my IG or Facebook page? Post your high bun photo, tag me @aishaandlife and use #todaysfro!

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Garnier #BeSensational Competition Winners!

I'm very excited to announce the two lucky winners of the Garnier #BeSensational competition. 

Congratulations to:

Tlotlego Ntshole
Loyiso Kula

Well done ladies! You and your fros have won a fabulous hair makeover courtesy of Garnier and a special feature on SABC3's Expresso show!

Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who entered.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Honeymoon Hair: Havana Twists

The wedding's over, but the whole experience wouldn't be the same without a honeymoon right? And just as any other woman, I had to make sure that I'm ready for my special time away from head to toe. Our destination includes sun, sand and sea so I had all of those factors to consider when deciding how I'd want to style my hair. We're going far away to a place where I doubt I'd find one Black hair stylist, let alone one who knows how to handle natural hair so I knew from the get go that Fro had to be put away for this time. I've kept Fro out for awhile and it's time to protect her from all the harsh elements and me being too lazy and chilled to really do much with it.

Enter my first protective style of 2015 and the idea of cornrows. But I knew I wanted them with a twist (pun intended). I've seen different versions of this style around the internet and a handful on the streets. I wanted hair that was going to be up and go hair that I can dress up and down whilst looking good with my maxi dresses as well as my swimsuits. So being ocean friendly was key (I'll get back to you on how ocean friendly it actually was when I return lol). It's low maintenance and has enough length to give me that necessary versatility. I got this style done at by Ruutos Hair Salon in Randburg. Watch out for their how-to video on this style, featuring yours truly :)

So far, I'm loving it! The hair piece itself is very similar to Marley hair just that I find it much heavier. It was too heavy at first, which I knew wouldn't bode well with water making it even more heavy, so thankfully the Ruutos team edited it a couple of days afterwards. I believe they're selling the piece for R180 a pack. They initially used 6 on me to get volume but it's unecessary so in the edited session they reduced it by about half. Still a lot but you know me, I'm a small woman with a love for big hair.

I'll be reviewing this style once it's really been tested by the elements!


Monday, 23 March 2015

Newbies in My Beautybox Part 2: Bold Purple

I'm going through a phase where purple's fast becoming my go to shade for the day. Yes I love my pinks and reds...okay I love all colours really. But right now, I just can't get enough of my Revlon Colourburst in Shameless pencil. It's not brand new to my beautybox but I just got my second pencil after just 2 months of having it. I don't know if it's the creative in me, but pencils are my favourite make up tools. Let's face it, they look like big fat crayons and that's always fun :D

  • First thing I love about this pencil: it's a pencil! So no extra lip liner step needed. It's also really quick and mess free to put on.
  • It's a vivid purple shade that pops so much, you barely need any other colour on your face. I usually wear this with a more natural eyelid, mascara and a bit of blush and I'm the definition of radiant orchid.
  • The colour's a bold shade for the day yet moody enough for evening. So it makes me feel both fun and daring.
  • It's part of their matte range of pencils but doesn't dry out my lips. I like being able to rub my lips together and over each other but battle to do this with matte lippies without it feeling chalky. So the finish isn't completely matte where I can't do that which is great. The colour fades at a decent amount of time - I'd say I touch up about twice during the day, which I don't mind because the colour doesn't completely disappear, just wears off slightly.

Many of my Instagram followers ask me whenever I wear this shade what I'm wearing so it's definitely my most popular lipstick colour. There you have it, my secret's out. I get my Shameless from Dischem or Clicks (it's a tough shade to find in Jozi, not sure why) for R120 - R130.


Friday, 20 March 2015

My Current Fro & I: Routine

It's been awhile and many of you have asked me for an update on what I currently do and use on my hair. I currently have a protective style in so this post is about what my routine is on my own hair when it's not in a extensions. I'm going to split this into two posts. This first one is on my routine. The next will be specifically on the products I use.

My hair is currently about shoulder length. I recently had a trim before installing my Havana Twists. That's something that's sort of in my routine - every 4-6 months I have a slight trim. My hair in general is easier to maintain because of the increased length but I find it harder to style sometimes. My evening routine is much shorter and I'm not always trying to get my hair curly. I do keep it stretched between washes as the longer my hair gets the more tangled it gets so wash and go's are a sign that I am in for it the next wash day so I avoid it as much as possible.

What I Do:
  • I'm currently washing and deep conditioning my hair every two weeks, alternating between using shampoo and conditioner. I've noticed that my less frequent use of gel leaves my hair cleaner for longer. I wash my hair in 4 big sections, keeping them apart with hairbands.
  • I comb and detangle my hair once a month with a wide tooth comb. This has become less frequent because I'm always in stretched styles so thankfully the tangles aren't as hectic. I do it with conditioner on and in the same sections as when I wash.
  • Every night I prep my hair by either dry twisting into about 6 big sections or 4 big braids or two pigtails (!) I'm loving the pigtails one because it takes 2 minutes and it's a cute way to leave the house to stretch on the go. I've washed my hair a couple of times on a Monday morning before work and I put my hair into two very low pigtails, flatten with my scarf, slap on some lippie and off I go. This has become my favourite new thing with my hair. And if I'm super busy, I'll rock the pigtail look for a couple of days.
  • I still spritz my hair twice daily. My hair is dry and this Jozi dryness doesn't help issues! So I spritz before I undo the stretching style - be it twists, braids of pigtails so it doesn't shrink back.
And that's it! It's less maintenance now but uses a lot more product which makes sense. I do wish I could wear my hair in a more shrunken state more often because it looks fuller and funkier but it's just not something I can rock for more than a day without regretting it.

Look out for my current products post, coming soon!


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Newbies in my Beauty Box Part 1: Subtle Purple

Okay okay you've caught me. I'm a lipstick addict. But I haven't always been. So I don't know if I'm forever converted yet but for now lipstick is hands down my favourite makeup item. I'm constantly asking other women who are rocking their lippies what they're wearing so I can rock the same. From sales assistants to an air hostess (yes I'm that girl) I'm always enquiring and researching (read:shopping) new lip colours.

I first saw this cute colour on my team mate at work, Zola, and it looked stunning on her! So I went to Clicks a few days later just to grab it and rocked it myself the following day.
  • The name doesn't lie. I LOVE the moisture. Joburg air dries out my skin, hair and lips so whatever I put on as a lipstick, I need to have something that doesn't leave my lips looking crackly - not a good look.
  • The colour isn't an in-your-face hue but it's a subtle purple that brings a casual touch of colour which is great for more chilled days or if you're not ready to rock bold lippies yet. But I can also dress it up with some gold eyeshadow and thick eyeliner and the lip isn't too strong and battling with my eyes.
  • I don't need to slick any lip gloss on top as it has a subtle shine finish.
  • My only gripe with this is how long it lasts. I have to re-apply it about 4 times a day as it comes off quite easily, at least compared to my lippies that are long wearing.

I got my Sloane's Plum from Clicks for R99. You gotta love affordable lippie. 


Monday, 16 March 2015

Win a Hair Makeover & #BeSensational!

Stuck in a hair rut? A fabulous hair makeover from Color Sensation by Garnier will sort you out!

It's just gone autumn and it's time to be sensational. If you're in a bit of a style and hair rut, I don't know a better way to change up your look than changing up your hair colour. Whether you're starting a new job, recently moved cities and want a new look or just fancy funktifying your style for the new season, Color Sensation is an affordable DIY hair colour that has intense pigments which results in intense colour, shine and soft hair. The formula is enriched with flower oil and mother-of-pearl for intense light reflection and shine. It has a creamy texture that makes it easier to spread throughout your hair without dripping. Its formula is gentle, low in ammonia and has a floral scent which makes your colouring experience more enjoyable. Available in 8 bold shades, Color Sensation has a colour to match your bold style. 

Many people have asked me what I used to colour my hair a couple of years ago and they didn't believe me when I said I used Garnier. I was often met with "But would that work on my afro?" The answer is yes. It worked on mine!
Garnier is offering a great prize experience for two of you lovely readers:  
A full hair makeover and be featured on Expresso Morning Show on SABC3.

How to enter:
  • FACEBOOK: Post a photo of yourself (make sure your hair can be seen and the photo is no older than 3 months) on my Facebook page, use the hashtag #BeSensational and write a line explaining why you need to feel sensational.
  • EMAIL: A bit shy? Send your photo (no more than 3 months old) to Make sure to put #BeSensational in the subject line and tell me why you need this sensational makeover.
  • This competition is only open to entrants living in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town so please include your location in your comment.
  • Competition closes on Monday 23rd March at 12:00pm South African time. No entries after that will be accepted. 
  • Winners will be announced Friday March 27th.
  • For full terms and conditions, click here.

**This competition is now CLOSED. Thank you to all who entered, the winner will be announced on Friday March 27th.**

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